Corporate Civic Responsibility

Building a Culture of Civic Engagement

Our democracy only works when everybody has a voice. To build political power for young people, we partner with industry leaders to meet our generation where we are and engage and empower them to get involved.

Our Corporate Civic Responsibility program is a nonpartisan initiative focused on encouraging companies to be leaders in creating a culture of civic engagement that speaks to young people, whether they are employees or consumers.

Through this program, Rock the Vote collaborates with companies, brands, media outlets and digital platforms that young people know and rely on to guarantee our generation’s voice is elevated, informed, and engaged. Together, we can ensure our voices are heard and that on Election Day, we shape our country’s history.

In 2016, Corporate Civic Responsibility partners registered over 250,000 voters – 81% who voted. Join us to keep the momentum going in 2018 and beyond.


Become a Leader

Our Corporate Civic Responsibility partners represent a variety of industries, from retailers to production studios; from tech companies to research firms. The diversity of our corporate partners reflects the opportunity to engage young people wherever they are: online, in-stores, at work, and through social media.

As a partner in Rock the Vote’s Corporate Civic Responsibility program, your company is asked to help empower and encourage young people to participate in our democracy. Each partner will have its own unique contribution and Rock the Vote will provide the necessary tools and resources for it to make a significant impact.

Contact Us to Learn More

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