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Teja Foster

Teja Foster

Social Media Director

Teja Foster is Rock the Vote’s Social Media Director. Social Justice and advocating for black and brown people has been at the forefront of Teja’s life growing up in Oakland, CA.

Since moving to Los Angeles she has branded hashtags like #SchoolsNotPrisons, #RockTheVote, #RiseUpAsOne, #PeoplePower, #Vota and #Athletes4Impact, the relevance for voting rights and black lives mattering is more relevant than ever.

In lieu of social media advocacy, her career as a social justice activist is not limited to just that. Working with a number of media companies, artists, athletes, and festivals and many other umbrellas. Her skills include, but are not limited to social media, strategy planning, content development, brand strategy, and execution.

She has a deep love for pop culture, hip-hop music, traveling the world and laughing that she intertwines in Rock The Vote’s social media postings to reach young people, encouraging that voting is more than important, it’s our duty!