the Power of the Youth Vote

Georgia Runoff Election

Some states require the person with the most votes to get at least 50% of the total, or a runoff election is held.

Election Day: Dec 6, 2022

Early Voting: Nov 28 – Dec 2, 2022

Note: Early voting dates and hours may vary based on where you live, and some counties may offer early voting sooner. Contact your local election official for more information.

This election includes U.S. Senate Seats:

Raphael Warnock vs. Herschel Walker

2024 Starts Now

Young voters rocked the midterms in 2022 – and with more young people turning 18 every day, they can do it again if we invest in them. Join us as we kick off this important campaign – 2024 starts now!

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For 30 years, Rock the Vote has revolutionized the way we use pop culture, music, art, and technology to engage young people in politics and build our collective power.
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