Tech for Civic Engagement

A suite of modern digital tools designed to empower organizations to drive civic action and track progress.


Nearly 20 years ago, Rock the Vote built the first-ever online voter registration tool to make it simpler for young people to vote. It was a huge success, and our tech team has been innovating ways to make access to democracy easier ever since. Working with election administration experts, researchers, grassroots organizations, and election officials, we’ve developed cutting-edge civic engagement tools to educate, empower and register young people – and they are all fully customizable and rigorously tested.

Online Voter Registration Platform

Rock the Vote’s Online Voter Registration Platform provides a simple solution for modern voter registration. Since its inception, the platform has registered over 12 million voters and has been a trusted resource for more than a decade, with a proven track record of accessibility, security, and partner support. The platform is mobile-friendly and available in 13 languages.

Registration Status Lookup Tool

Provides a simple way for voters to see if and where they are registered, and to determine if they need to re-register or update their address. Nearly 17 million voters have been removed from the voter rolls since 2016. If a voter’s record is not found, Rock the Vote walks them through the registration process. This helps people who move frequently—such as young voters, voters in cities, and low-income voters.

Embed the Registration Status Lookup Tool on your website for free:

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Election Reminders Tool

Sends personalized texts and emails using a voter’s registered address, to remind them of federal, state, local and special elections—including registration deadlines, early voting dates, and the date of Election Day. This is a highly effective engagement tool for anyone already registered.

Embed the Election Reminder Widget on your website for free:

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Featured Civic Technology Partners

We’re proud to power the civic technology and voter registration efforts of many organizations in the civic engagement space. We invest in our technology, ensure it’s the very best for our own programs, and make it available to partners who are also committed to registering and turning out new voters.