Rock the Vote and WarnerMedia Announce Collaboration Ahead of the 2020 United States Presidential Election

Rock the Vote and WarnerMedia are working together to help the company’s employees and audiences gain access to the necessary resources to vote, be engaged and make their voices heard in our democracy this fall and beyond.

Rock the Vote has created an election center for both WarnerMedia employees and its audiences. Through these election centers, individuals can:

  • – register to vote,
  • – check their voter registration status,
  • – find out the policies to vote in their state,
  • – access registration and absentee ballot request deadlines,
  • – receive COVID-19 election updates and reminders,
  • – learn about volunteer opportunities, and
  • – learn about the documents needed before heading to the poll and casting a ballot.

WarnerMedia has several business units across its portfolio that are each determining how to best utilize their platforms to collectively reach and engage millions in these nonpartisan activities ahead of the 2020 election.

“We couldn’t be more excited to announce this collaboration with WarnerMedia. WarnerMedia understands the need to amplify the importance of voting and empower audiences to navigate the voting process,” said Rock the Vote President Carolyn DeWitt. “WarnerMedia has a powerful platform to reach and provide millions of eligible voters with the information and tools they need to cast an informed ballot in 2020.”

The election center tool also hosts a pledge for employees and audiences to remind three individuals to vote ahead of Election Day. The “Get Three Friends to Vote” tool is exceptionally powerful, given that personal relationships are the number one influencer on a person’s participation in the voting process.

“We recognize the vital importance of participating in the process of Democracy in the United States, so together with Rock the Vote, we want to empower and enable our employees and audiences to exercise their rights,” said Dennis Williams, SVP, Corporate Social Responsibility, WarnerMedia.

This nonpartisan collaboration originated from and builds on a four-year relationship between the charity Rock the Vote and HBO, which is a leading platform of WarnerMedia.