Rock the Vote Hails House’s Affordable Health Care for America Act

Rock the Vote, a non-partisan organization dedicated to engage young people in the political process, hails the introduction of the Affordable Health Care for America Act. The legislation includes significant provisions that will help make health insurance affordable, competitive, continuous, comprehensive and fair for young Americans, including several key priorities youth organizations have been pushing for:

  • Increased premium support for low-income Americans and limiting out-of-pocket expenses;
  • Inclusion of a public option in the health insurance exchange to provide greater choice for young Americans;
  • Allowing young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance policies until the age of 27;
  • Ending discrimination in the provision of health insurance.

“Young adults are the most uninsured age group in the country and have been vocal about the need to change the system. The health care status quo is failing young Americans,” said Heather Smith, president of Rock the Vote. “As we evaluate the heath reform legislation, we have a simple test: is this a good deal for young people? The House bill passes that test because House leaders listened to our needs and addressed them.”