VIDEO: Kendall Jenner Registers to Vote for the First Time with Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote, the largest non-profit and non-partisan organization in the United States building the political power of young people, today released an exclusive video featuring first-time voter, model Kendall Jenner registering to vote using Rock the Vote registration tool. Kendall registered today in celebration of National Voter Registration Day – a national holiday to encourage civic engagement recognized by National Secretaries of State across the country.

Jenner completed the voter registration process with the digitally integrated Rock the Vote online registration tool on her mobile device, in between walking in fashion shows in Milan, Italy. For the first time, Rock the Vote’s online voter registration tool can be used from start to finish on smartphones and mobile devices* is designed to take registrants approximately five minutes to complete, empowering young people to register to vote in the average amount of time it takes to share a social media update.

The Rock the Vote digital registration tool is the official online registration tool of and will be embedded on the official NVRD website, as well as the websites of NVRD partner organizations.

“I’m using Rock the Vote’s mobile registration tool and so can you,” says Jenner in the registration video posted to her Instagram account. “Go to to register so our generation’s voice can be heard this fall.”

“We are beyond thrilled to have Kendall Jenner, a powerhouse figure among millennials, registering to vote for the first time with Rock the Vote’s online voter registration tool,” says Rock the Vote President, Ashley Spillane. “Kendall registering to vote on National Voter Registration Day sends a compelling message to other young people – that it is so important that they make their voices heard by registering to vote and by casting their ballots on November 4th and that registering to vote doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.”

Rock the Vote will be celebrating NVRD with a registration rally in North Carolina on September 23rd alongside the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. The rally, taking place at Appalachian State University, will feature a concert by Brooklyn trio Les Racquet and a voter registration drive, as well as other creative activations fusing pop culture and politics. Rock the Vote is part of a coalition of over 2,000 organizations hosting events across the country on NVRD.