Take Action on the Youth Voting Rights Act

Each of us, regardless of race, zip code, or background, deserves to have our voice heard on key decisions that impact our lives and our communities. 

Yet young eligible voters today face unique and difficult barriers to registration and voting, due to limited access, opportunities, and infrastructure. The Youth Voting Rights Act would expand young people’s access to voting by increasing voter registration opportunities at universities, requiring every state to allow preregistration beginning at age 16, and creating a grant program for youth participation in elections.

We can fulfill the promise of the 26th Amendment and remove barriers and restrictions that exist for young people trying to make their voices heard by passing this landmark piece of legislation. Contact your members of Congress NOW and urge them to support the Youth Voting Rights Act!

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Young people deserve an equal voice in our democracy, but current barriers prevent them from having one. Join the movement and tell Congress to support the #YouthVotingRightsAct, which will expand registration and voting access for young eligible voters!

Support the Youth Voting Rights Act