Be a Rock the Vote Ambassador

Apply for Rock the Vote’s Ambassador Program!


Rock the Vote is seeking energetic, enthusiastic, and motivated young adults who are passionate about volunteering and mobilizing their peers to vote and volunteer. The organization is launching its first-ever relational organizing program and is in search of exceptional volunteers to join a cohort of like-minded young adults from across the country to help implement this program. Relational organizing, at its most basic, means reaching out to friends and family and sharing personal stories around the issues that matter to you most.

Ambassadors will receive advanced voter registration and mobilization training; exclusive briefings and research; networking and professional development opportunities; and access to information and resources to deploy relational organizing tactics. Ambassadors will be granted access to a free relational organizing app for their mobile phones, through which they will build relationships with friends and classmates and track progress toward voter registration and volunteer goals.

The initial phase of this program will be focused on pilot states through the presidential primary season and will expand nationwide for the general election. Candidates for the pilot season should live in or have strong ties to communities of color in one of the following states: Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania. Approximately 20 ambassadors per state will be selected.


Ambassadors are expected to dedicate a minimum of five hours per month from June through November 2020.


The ambassador position is an elevated volunteer position, not a job; however, those who meet or exceed goals will receive a small stipend.


Please submit a resume, cover letter, two to three references, and answers to the questions below to


Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.


  1. What issues are you most passionate about?
  2. Please list your top 3 relevant experiences connected to leadership, civic engagement, voting rights, and/or nonprofit work.
  3. Tell us the story of voting in your first election. Haven’t voted yet? Tell us what you’re looking forward to when you vote for the first time.

We are looking for a diverse applicant pool and strongly encourage women, persons of color, persons with disabilities, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, and persons from low-income and working class backgrounds to apply.