Rock the Vote State Coordinators

Apply to be a Rock the Vote State Coordinator!


Rock the Vote is seeking smart, enthusiastic, and motivated young adults passionate about building political power. The organization is hiring young adult leaders to serve as state coordinators for Arizona, Michigan, and New Hampshire supporting volunteer efforts as part of Rock the Vote’s first-ever relational organizing program. Relational organizing, at its most basic, means training volunteers to reach out to friends and family and share personal stories around the issues that matter to them most.

Each state coordinator will utilize relational organizing technology to manage approximately 20 in-state ambassadors to meet voter registration and volunteer recruitment goals. Coordinators will serve as the primary point of contact for Rock the Vote ambassadors in their state and will be responsible for adapting materials and trainings for state-specific usage and leading ambassadors to achieve collective state goals. State coordinators report directly to the national organizing director.

State coordinators will receive advanced voter registration and mobilization training; exclusive briefings and research; networking and professional development opportunities; and access to information and resources to support their management of relational organizing efforts.

Ideal candidates should have strong ties to communities of color in one of the following states: Arizona, Michigan, or New Hampshire.

State coordinators are expected to dedicate 10 to 15 hours per month through the November 2020 election.

Ambassadors will receive a stipend that will be disbursed in intervals of $400 per month.

Please submit a resume, cover letter, two to three references, and answers to the questions below to

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

1. Please list your top 3 relevant experiences connected to leadership, civic engagement, or voting rights.
2. Tell us the story of voting in your first election. Haven’t voted yet? Tell us what you’re looking forward to when you vote for the first time.
3. Describe how you like to motivate others to reach their goals.