Connected Voter Registration

We’re revolutionizing voter registration with Connected Voter Registration (VR), a seamless and secure way for third-parties to digitally submit registration applications.


APIs are an established solution for improving third-party submissions that even the IRS trusts them for sensitive information it receives and processes. Their API, which powers the E-File system, enables American taxpayers to use programs like TurboTax and H&R Block to electronically file their taxes without having to go to the IRS website or mail in their return.


What Is Connected VR?

Connected VR is a simple, secure, one-way transfer of voter registration applications from approved and authorized third-parties to state election offices for review and processing. It allows trusted third-parties to deliver completed registration applications — in the desired format — to the state for reviewing and processing. Importantly, states do not grant open access to their systems when establishing Connected VR. Rather, applications are submitted digitally in a one-way transfer via an Application Programming Interface (API).

Why It’s Needed

Connected VR dramatically increases a state’s ability to reach eligible voters while maintaining current procedures and safeguards. Voters can complete the entire registration process through third-party tools and at other government agencies, and election offices receive digital registration applications in the desired format. Third parties can use Connected VR both online and in the field, resulting in significantly higher completion and success rates. Connected VR improves efficiency, security, and transparency – and it reduces application processing costs.

Rock the Vote was the first organization to advocate for and implement Connected VR.

We started making the case with our first white paper in 2013. Since then, we’ve helped four states adopt Connected VR.

We’ve created an updated report that reflects the current voter registration landscape and outlines why Connected VR is the gold standard for state voter registration systems today.

Connected VR

The Time Is Now

In 2024, more than 16 million young people will be eligible to vote for President for the first time. Voter registration is critical to engaging this cohort and ensuring they have a seat at the table of our democracy. That is a tremendous opportunity – and challenge.

We’ve seen firsthand how much Connected VR helps voters – particularly young people and people of color – navigate the voter registration process, with registrants in Connected VR states making it onto the rolls 98-100% of the time (compared to only 60-70% in other states).

Help us spread the word about the importance of bringing Connected VR to more states before the 2024 election.

Contact Us

Rock the Vote is eager to provide support to any election officials interested in Connected VR. We can connect you with other state election officials who have undertaken this process, help you develop a Connected VR system and the related documentation, and promote it widely to third-party organizations in your state to encourage its widespread use.

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