Jessica Reeves Joins Rock the Vote Board of Directors

Jessica Reeves issued the following statement regarding why she joined Rock the Vote’s Board of Directors:

“Growing up on the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, TX, I saw firsthand the stark contrast of opportunities and privileges we have as Americans in this country compared to so many others. It was this realization that drove me to start working in civic engagement, with a focus on registering and turning out young Latino voters. 

Working with groups like Voto Latino, Rock the Vote and others fighting for our democratic ideals, I have seen the power of young people to create positive change. But, our work continues. 

Over the past few years, It’s been heartbreaking to see our democracy threatened — from voting rights rolled back, abortion rights diminished, and our environment suffering — because of failed policy and a lack of political will.  

As a mom of a 2-year-old and newborn 3-week-old, my reasons for continuing to fight for these issues and to encourage civic participation have only increased. They are why I joined the board of Rock the Vote.

Our democracy is not something that is won or lost, it must be maintained and adjusted for each new generation. So on behalf of my two little ones, and all the others out there: thank you for continuing this fight. I’m proud to join and fight alongside you.”