Mũthoni Wambu Kraal Joins Rock the Vote Board of Directors

Mũthoni Wambu Kraal issued the following statement on joining Rock the Vote’s Board of Directors:

“I was in Georgia in 2018 when I talked to an excited, young waitress at the Waffle House who had just turned 18 and was going to vote that day. I was so excited for her! 

But, I also had to inform this shift worker, who had been on her feet since at least 6am, that she needed to make sure she was wearing comfortable shoes, to pack some water and snacks, and to be prepared to stand in line for two or more hours to vote. I had to reiterate that she should not under any circumstances give up.

This should not be any young person’s first experience trying to vote. But, at a time where continued forces are trying to make voting harder and dismantle Democracy and the building blocks of democratic elections, we can’t give up.

I’m proud to join the Board of Rock the Vote and to help leverage our resources in the fight to build the political power of young people.”