Rock the Vote, the non-profit and non-partisan organization actively working to break down barriers to voting, today announced its participation as one of several lead organizations in National Voter Registration Day, and its role as the day’s official registration tool. A national holiday, which takes place on September 23rd of this year, NVRD was created through a bi-partisan effort, designed to remind and encourage eligible Americans to prepare to exercise their most basic civil right: the right to vote.

NVRD is the largest single-day effort to register voters and involve them in the American political process. Now in its third year, more than 350,000 voters have registered through the efforts of more than 2,100 partners. Led by thousands of national, state and local volunteers, NVRD is to civic engagement what Earth Day is to environmental awareness. The 2014 Midterm Elections will include contests for 435 congressional seats, 36 senate seats, 36 governorships, and the makeup of 46 state legislatures.

For 2014, Rock the Vote has partnered with 1,000 organizations, including Tumblr, Pew Elections, Voto Latino and the National Association of Secretaries of State, on a large-scale campaign to raise awareness around the importance of voting.

“We could not be more excited to be the official registration tool of National Voter Registration Day,” said Rock the Vote President Ashley Spillane. “With 1,000 commitments from various organizations, widespread support for making registration easier for young people has never before been so apparent. Rock the Vote looks forward to working with even more organizations and partners ahead of the holiday on September 23rd,” she said.

Rock the Vote recently announced the launch of an unprecedented effort around the 2014 Midterm elections, including a goal of registering 1.5 million new voters, including 400,000 young people, an awareness-raising campaign on voting rights, and plans to advocate for policies that will make voting easier for a 21st century electorate. Using a combination of online, mobile and grassroots voter outreach and amplifying the voices of our generations most creative and talented entertainers, Rock the Vote is working to create an atmosphere of voter engagement and excitement leading up to this November.


Rock the Vote is the largest non-profit and non-partisan organization in the United States driving the youth vote to the polls. Fusing pop culture, politics, and technology, Rock the Vote works to mobilize the millennial voting bloc and the youth vote, protect voting rights, and advocate for an electoral process and voting system that works for the 21st century electorate. Since 1990, Rock the Vote has revolutionized the use of pop culture, music, art and technology to inspire political activity. Now, for almost 25 years, Rock the Vote has pioneered ways to make voting easier by simplifying and demystifying voter registration and elections for young adults. Rock the Vote has run the largest voter registration drives for young people on record during the past six Presidential elections. In 2008 and 2012, our on-the-ground efforts, online organizing, and cutting-edge tools and technologies made us the largest non-partisan voter engagement campaign in the nation. All of these efforts have resulted in Rock the Vote registering over six million new voters, bringing millions more to the polls, and becoming a trusted resource for young people, government agencies, and technological innovators passionate about political discourse and engagement.