Rock the Vote Condemns the Trump Administration’s Family Detention Policy

Rock the Vote, the national nonpartisan organization dedicated to building the political power of young people, issued the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s policy of family detention at the U.S. border:

“President Trump’s Executive Order mandating immigrant families be indefinitely detained is an inadequate and inept attempt to resolve the inhuman treatment of immigrant families at our borders. Children, even with their parents, do not belong in jail.

“We are a country built by immigrants, and our nation’s 70 million young voters—who make up the largest, most diverse generation in U.S. history—will not forget who is responsible for these cruel, inhumane practices of indefinitely jailing families who seek asylum and protection.

“This administration’s immigration policies are not those of a progressive society. Instead, they represent the worst of the United States. If the President truly wants to ‘Make America Great Again,’ he can start by ending his administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy at our borders.”