Rock the Vote Statement on Senate Student Loan Deal

Below is Rock the Vote President Heather Smith’s statement on the compromise deal to reduce student-loan interest rates.

Without immediate action on student loans and college affordability, the future of young people, who are facing rising colleges costs and already struggling to get ahead, remains in jeopardy.

The most recent bipartisan effort in the Senate to reverse the doubling of student loan interest rates for those borrowing today is a first step and one we support – in order to protect the millions of young people who will be taking out student loans to attend college this fall.

This proposal, however, is not perfect.  And we simultaneously renew our commitment to fight for comprehensive reform that prioritizes young people and their families, and makes college more affordable for the long-term.

About Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is a national non-partisan organization dedicated to engaging young people in our nation’s democracy.  For more than two decades, Rock the Vote has used pop culture, technology, and grassroots organizing to register more young people to vote than any other organization or campaign, including more than a million people in the 2012 elections.  It is Rock the Vote’s goal to amplify the voices of the 46 million 18-29 year olds in order to make change on the issues they care about.