Young Voters Already Surpassing2006 Vote Tallies in PA & NC at 5:30 p.m. EDT

Reports from youth-dense precincts in Pennsylvania and North Carolina indicate that voter turnout among those ages 18-29 has already exceeded 2006 levels. Here are the tallies so far:


Drexel (24/10)
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 91 votes cast
2006 total: 28 votes cast

University of Pennsylvania (27/19)
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 152 votes cast
2006 total: 128 votes cast

University of Pennsylvania (27/20)
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 176 votes cast
2006 total: 154 votes cast

University of Pennsylvania (27/21)
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 129 votes cast
2006 total: 112 votes cast

University of Pennsylvania (27/22)
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 273 votes cast
2006 total: 181 votes cast


North Carolina (Orange County)

University of North Carolina (Country Club):
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 449 votes cast
2006 total: 181 votes cast

University of North Carolina (East Franklin):
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 369 votes cast
2006 total: 237 votes cast

North Carolina Central University (Durham 55-49):
2010 (as of 5:30 pm ET): 536 votes cast
2006 total: 64 votes cast

Rock the Vote has invested in registering and turning out young Americans in some of the country’s most hotly contested state races. We logged approximately 300,000 voter registration downloads, quadrupling our 2006 campaign and in Pennsylvania for example organized a Trick or Vote get out the vote canvass which hit thousands of young voters with information and a reminder to vote on November 2nd. 

Stay tuned:
Tonight, Rock the Vote will continue to track young voter turnout tallies in the precincts that our efforts targeted, as well as national trends. Turnout increases over 2006 are expected in the places where young voters were targeted.

At 10:00 am ET on Wednesday, November 3rd The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), Rock the Vote, and The Generational Alliance members will provide an in-depth analysis of young voter turnout in the November 2nd midterm elections.

About Rock the Vote | 

Rock the Vote engages young people in our democracy and builds their political power by registering, educating and turning them out to vote, by forcing the candidates to campaign to them, and by making politicians pay attention to youth and the issues they care about once in office. For 20 years, we have used music, popular culture, new technologies and old-fashioned grassroots organizing to engage and mobilize young people to participate in every election. By providing them with the information and tools they need since 1990, Rock the Vote has registered more than 5 million young people, including more than 2.5 million in the historic 2008 election. In 2010, Rock the Vote has logged more than 280,000 voter registration downloads as part of the largest midterm elections outreach strategy in our organization’s history.